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Worthington's Company Biography

Capt. Edward Worthington's company wore short blue coats faced white, cocked hats bound white, and carried a variety of weapons and accouterments, many of which were provided by the Spanish. On their hats they wear a black cockade common to Congressional forces.  Raised in 1778 of eastern farmers, Ohio Valley longhunters and French from the Illinois country, Worthington and his company were with Clark at Vincennes and saw action against Indians and French militia as well. They fought in the engagement around St. Louis and Cahokia in late spring of 1780, and in October of that year, they were at the mouth of the Ohio on the Mississippi River defending Fort Jefferson against Chickasaw Indians.  Also in August of 1780, Worthington's Company along with George Rogers Clark and Kentucky militia defeated the Shawnee Indians at the battle of Piqua in one of the largest engagements against the Native Americans during the Revolutionary War.  

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